Join Our Team

We are currently looking for a few board members to join our team and do great things together!  This is also a great opportunity for you to serve as a leader in a growing organization. You will learn how to manage a team, setting strategies, coordinating projects, and to lead effectively in a supportive environment.   Please email us at if you are interested in the following opening positions.  In your email, briefly tell us why you are interested, your relevant experience if any, along with your resume.   


  • Partnerships and Sponsorships Director
Main responsibilities:
-Manage sponsorship/ partnership strategy development
-Proactively extend organization networks and establish sponsorship and partnership relationships 
-Manage relationships with existing sponsors and partners, to ensure that the objectives of both parties are achieved, including managing renewals, mid-term negotiations and sponsorship reviews
  • Communications Director
Main responsibilities:
- Develop and guide marketing and communications strategies for all communications, website and public relations messages to ensure effective outreach to internal and external audiences, including the Board, partners, sponsors and members
- Manage all communications plan activities and build external relationships with media
- Lead the generation of online content that engages audience and leads to measurable action.  Manage the development, distribution and maintenance of all print and electronic collaterla including the official website and social platforms
  • Professional Development Director:
Main responsibilities:
- Establish professional development strategy and themes for the year. Plan and execute the professional development and workshops surrounding the themes.
- Establish relationships with speakers and coaches and coordinate with Events Director on professional development events and workshops
- Assist the generation of professional development materials that aid audience to benefit from events and workshops
  • Community Outreach Director
Main responsibilities:
Proactively identify, establish and manage partnerships with local volunteer organizations that share a vision for joint volunteer programs and activities
- Work closely with collaborate volunteer partners and Memberships Director to develop volunteer programs’ plan and schedule 
- Periodically update program and events details on official website and social platforms
  • Memberships Director
Main responsibilities:
- Maintain organization’s data base of members’ files and accountable for members’ privacy
- Develops and ensures that established procedures for processing prospective members’ applications are consistently followed
- Work with Sponsorships Director to develop new members’ package and organize member induction
- Coordinates development of social activities and social calendar of the organization
- Manage communication with members to ensure member needs are listened and reflected in organization’s direction and activities