Getting a Job Offer in China: How? Where to? (March, 9)
Job hunting in China is always quite a challenge, no matter if it concerns newcomers or long-term residents. This is way our organization, Shanghai Women Leadership Network, chose work search, résumé enhancement and interviews as the topic of our next event.
On March 9, we gathered at Poka Café in Xujiahui district and discussed some of the most nagging questions in job seekers’ and career changers’ minds like:
  • How exactly do you get noticed? 
  • How do you deal with gaps in career history, or multiple previous jobs?
  • How do you stand out from the crowd? 
  • How exactly do I impress the interviewers?
Our five brilliant panelists answered the most essential and complex questions raised by Rachel, SWLN vice-president and moderator of the event. David Davila, Fiona Wen, Joanna Sun and Jason Sun shared with us and the event participants the most important points to consider when you’re looking for a job in China. We discussed which sectors and hiring the most and which are undergoing a slowdown in their business and employing new staff. All of our speakers stressed that no matter what your background and experience are, the key is to stand out from the crowd. They knew what they were talking about as most of them were professional headhunters and they admit they usually they spend no more than 10 seconds to examine a resume. By that our panelists meant that you should highlight your most valuable skills you can offer to your new employer.
Job Hunting Event SWLN
During the panel discussion, our speakers also shared the most popular websites where you can start to look for a job in China. David Davila, who’s an expert corporate facilitator in the areas of personal leadership, sales and cross cultural communication and presentations, said that probably the best strategy for job seekers in China is to focus on one particular sector (easier to do when you’re already experienced, but important for fresh graduates as well!) and target directly companies you would like to work for. Fiona and the rest of our Chinese panellist agreed that in China it’s especially good to develop your professional network and try to find out about new openings through your connections, as a great share of new contracts are being signed thanks to referrals. That night our speakers answered many interesting questions from our audience on the role of language skills, where to start the job hunt, etc.
After a short break we invited Vince Fulco, the co-founder and managing director of Weisisheng, a résumé enhancement and interview preparation company based in Shanghai, to share his insights on the structure and key elements of a remarkable résumé. After his lecture, the participants could consult their résumé with Vince and he helped many of us to improve their CVs to match the requirements of the strictest HR departments!
Job Hunting Event SWLN
It was a great night and all of us, event those who are not looking for a job, learnt something new and useful for the future.
If you have more questions for our job hunting and résumé enhancement workshop speakers join our WeChat group and follow our website and MeetUp for more information about upcoming events. 
What we value the most is the feedback from our members. One of event participants, Joyce, said that she came to undestand better the industry big picture and market trends as she’s looking to change her professional direction. She left the event with a feeling that the session brought her a lot of values and new ideas. 
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 Break the Barrier: Body Language Workshop (January 18, 25 and February 8)
How do you make people believe in what you have to say?   How do you know whether or not your clients or your interviewers are convinced?  Researcher Albert Merabian of UCLA shows that to get our message across effectively, 55% depends on our non-verbal communication, notably your body language. 
“Our nonverbals govern how other people think and feel about us.”
The ability to read between people’s words, and to manage how you present yourself through nonverbals is a determining skill that you need to achieve your goals in the rest of your life, and to build the personal relationships and professional business relationships.  
In this cost-effective three-session workshops, our keynote body language coach Milena will teach you the facts and strategies behind the nonverals and help you release your confidence, decode and mirror others’ body language and communicate self image.
Session 1 Highlights:
  •  The best handshakes to give the best impressions and improve meetings
  •  How to approach people the right way and make them feel comfortable
  •  Read how someone feels about you or the situation through their hands & arms
  •  How to get the conversation flowing
Session 2 Highlights:
  •  How to tell if someone is lying, feeling nervous, confident, negative etc.
  •  How to feel confident when you are not
  •  Frequently used gestures and their messages
  •  The eyes reveal how someone feel about you
Session 3 Highlights:
  •  How to tell if someone is interested in you
  •  What do glasses & cigarettes gestures mean
  •  How to relax a tense atmosphere
  •  How to tell if someone wants to approach you, stop talking to you, join you
  •  Where to sit on a table to get what you want
About the Coach
Milena Dimitrova is a certified body language coach and the founder of Body Language Co.
Milena came from Bulgaria and America and has been in Shanghai for 4 years.  She is bringing to China the new, yet so old, way to communicate with others – a secret and powerful language that you might not be aware of.  Milena is a professional body language trainer who is self-taught for over 3 years and is now sharing this important skill to us.  “What is body language?”, you might be asking yourself.  Body language is how we move our bodies to show other people how we really feel; and understanding how someone truly feels about you without them saying a word or when their words suggest the opposite of what their body is telling you.   Milena has helped numerous individuals and corporate employees to improve their non verbal communication and assist them achieve success in different areas of their lives.